Even when prescribed Tirosint by a doctor, you may be given generic levothyroxine at the pharmacy. And it matters – nearly half of patients taking traditional thyroid medicines have conditions that can negatively affect how well their medicine might work.6 Only Tirosint is developed in a state-of-the-art dedicated facility in Switzerland, and made without excipients like gluten, dyes, and preservatives that are commonly found in traditional T4 tablets.7,14 

You’ve already worked with your doctor to find the exact dosage of Tirosint that is right for you.
Now make sure you’re getting Tirosint as prescribed.

The first step to making sure you’re getting Tirosint is to ask your doctor to indicate his or her preference on your prescription. These specific instructions will let the pharmacy know to dispense the prescription as written.

At the pharmacy

If you’re receiving your thyroid medication at your retail pharmacy, make sure to check the box to see if it’s Tirosint. Even if your doctor prescribes Tirosint, the pharmacy may switch your prescription. For additional savings at the pharmacy, download the Tirosint Copay Savings Card. Nine out of 10 patients with commercial insurance will pay as little as $25 for a month’s supply with the Tirosint Copay Savings Card13 (maximum benefit of $85). For a 90 day supply, patients with commercial insurance can pay as little as $50 for Tirosint with the Tirosint Copay Savings Card13 (maximum benefit of $280).

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Through Tirosint Direct

The best way to ensure you’re getting Tirosint, and receive it at the lowest out-of-pocket price available if you’re not using insurance, is through our Tirosint Direct Program. Through this program, cash-paying patients will pay as little as $40 per month with a 90-day prescription, regardless of insurance coverage. This easy ordering solution allows your prescription to be shipped directly to your door with fast delivery and transparent pricing.

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*Only prescriptions for branded Tirosint are eligible for the above programs.